Helpful PMM tools and templates

Here's a list of my favourite marketing tools, templates, and productivity hacks. πŸ‘‡


Van Westendorp Pricing Sensitivity Meter

An overview of this pricing research methodology, how to use it, and how to graph it in Google Sheets.

Messaging Validation Framework

Tests you can run to validation messaging and positioning both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Product Launch Tier Planner

A framework for deciding how big a launch should be and what go-to-market actions you'll take.

Positioning & Messaging Brief

A deck you can use to enable your teams with actionable positioning and messaging.

PMM Department Charter

A charter we used at Klue to communicate the responsibilities and objectives of Product Marketing.

Competitive Battlecard

Create your own set of quick-reference battlecards your reps can use to crush the competition.

PMM Content Library

A way to audit and organize your product marketing collateral for internal sharing.

PMM Request Dashboard

Automate your collateral request process and provide more visibility around the projects you’re working on.