50+ Animated Product Launch Posts

A collection of social posts that use an animated product video or gif to promote a new or existing feature.





Post URLDescriptionTags
Zoom - Zoom Contact Center Release
Figma - Introduces Cursor chat
OpenPhone - Introducing the letter "M"
Demandwell - Run SEO like you run ad campaigns
Aboard - Introducing *Resources*
ChartMogul - MRR Chart
Miro - Miro Developer Platform
Dovetail - Canvas View
Mural - Microsoft Teams Integration
Brex - Mobile App and Dashboard
Superhuman - Snippets
Dooly - Cut the Sheet
Zoom - Pro Tip: Video Greetings
Zoominfo - Zoominfo Intent
Unbounce - Unbounce Apps
Klue - Salesforce Win-Loss Cards
ZenHub - Dark Mode
GitHub - New Issues Public Beta
Evernote - Google Calendar Notifications
Sketch - Color Picker
Square - Afterpay
Wealthsimple - Wealthsimple Work
Ada - Conversation Topics
Intercom - What'sApp Integration
Pendo - Hubspot Integration
Stripe - Checkout Cross-Sells
1Password - Brex Integration
Notarize - Get to know the new Notarize
Copy.ai - Editor
SavvyCal UZ Improvements
Zapier - Transfer by Zapier
Whereby - Emoji Search Shortcut
Whereby - Embedded Video Calls
Wistia - Video Lead Generation
Hey.com Feed Speed Optimization
Trello on Twitter: "4. Unito 2-Way Card Mirroring
Notion - New Integration Gallery
Jiminny - Deal Insights
Calendly - Webex integration
Lavender - Update to email scoring
Algolia - create a search and discovery engine in 3 steps
Sendible - share native videos on personal LinkedIn profiles
Front - context in the inbox
Notion - Copy/Paste links into multiple pages at once
Gong + Highspot Integration
Automate.io Notion automations
Shopify + TikTok Shopping
Twilio Engage
Stripe Checkout Cross-sells
Hey Orca, custom calendar branding
Loom - Background noise reduction
Hopin - Replay, on demand recordings
Sketch - Everything you can do in Sketch in 60 seconds
Webflow customer example - Compoound
Mailchimp Pre-Built Journey's
Custom homepages in Asana
Design your resume in Figma
Slack audio and video clips!
Notion Stories - Episode 2 - A place for small steps. And giant leap
Connect Miro boards to specific Asana tasks
Scratchpad Command is now movable
Datadog - "This Month in Datadog"