Mark Huber on LinkedIn: The #1 thing new Marketing leaders are told NOT do in their first six… | 80 comments

The #1 thing new Marketing leaders are told NOT do in their first six months: Re-design the website. So why’d we agree to do this in my first 45 days? Because sometimes you have to ignore “best practices” and do what the business needs. The old site was a technical nightmare. It was 100% custom and required our own Engineering team to make every single change, no matter how big or small. And it’s not like they don’t have more important work to be doing every day. So we re-platformed the site, built out a bare bones v1 site (with an eye on high priority pages to add in the not-so-distant future), and got to work — real fast. Today, we’re launching the new UserEvidence. A new website with a new narrative, new messaging, new brand identity, and dope new overview video. The Pricing and Product Tour page police on LinkedIn can chill too. The v1 site went live in 26 business days — gotta be a B2B record. Both pages are coming soon 👀 Check out the new site in the comments. PS speed wins and there isn’t a faster (or better) agency around than Algert⚡️ - A Branding & Experience Design Agency


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