Emily Pick on LinkedIn: #revops #salesops #troopsreplacement


Salesforce is calling off the Troops. 🪖 (Collective groan.) But really, Troops will be deprecated on November 30th. And if you’re a Troops customer, that’s a big deal. You need to find a replacement – fast. Salesforce wants you to migrate to Slack Sales Elevate (gotta keep it all in the family, right?), but the functionality isn’t 1:1 with Troops. As one message board poster put it, “This is…diet Scratchpad for Slack? For $60/user?” 👀 But you don’t have to settle. There is another option. And I think you know which one I’m talking about. 🦖🚀 Don’t let the silly logo fool you, Rattle is a serious solution for RevOps leaders who want to execute their revenue processes at scale. Give us 45 minutes and we’ll show you how. Link in comments to schedule time. 👇 #revops #salesops #troopsreplacement


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