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Unselling the status quo is (for me) one of the hardest things to do in sales It's difficult to change the way things are done when they've been done a certain way for a long time Recently spoke with the Senior Enablement Specialist at a company with 1,100+ employees She's responsible for all sales training for SDRs, CS, and over 70+ AEs During discovery, I learned her CEO's #1 priority is - "Making it easy for buyers to buy from us" But I also learned there are budget freezes... After going over our tool and how it was specifically built with the buyer journey in mind, I asked her this - Me - "In your opinion, how can COMPANY improve the buyer journey, without Aligned, without investing in new tech? What would you do?" Her - "More sales enablement? (slight chuckle) ... Continue to beat the same drum ..... there really isn't an easy way to standardize and streamline what that experience looks like without a tool like Aligned" At this point, the fact she mentioned our tool was just a bonus And although more training is always great... The real win was having her realize it's difficult to simplify the buyer journey with just more training Achieving your goals often requires breaking from the status quo. -- What are y'all doing to simplify the buyer journey? - Mutual Success Plans? - Digital Sales Rooms? - Emails with 17 attachments? - Spreadsheets?

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