Olympus Corp of the Amercias

Klue fan, said their sales team loves it and now the whole org is asking for access. Specifically mention product, so I want to chat with her more about what they're looking to get out of the platform.
Spoke with Gary yesterday, he is currently evaluating CI platforms. Wants a demo of Klue. Sounds like a strategy use case. He said he wasn't enabling sales, but also said he would like everyone in the org to have a license. Peppered me with questions on how we store data, make it easy to search, perform research.
Losa Goldberg
Gary Gao
Hi Gary, It was a pleasure meeting you at Intellicon last week. Hope it’s been a productive week back. I’m following up because when we chatted you had mentioned that you were hoping to set up a demo of Klue. Hoping I can help make that happen for you. I’d like to introduce you to my colleague, Patryk, who can help you set that up. Cheers, Jason