Klue fan, said their sales team loves it and now the whole org is asking for access. Specifically mention product, so I want to chat with her more about what they're looking to get out of the platform.
More of a strategy use case, reports to product, looking to enable product managers but also a technology team (large team) that often jumps on sales calls and could benefit from better understanding the competitive landscape. Interested in the podcast, seems eager to learn more about CI, especially for the strategy use case.
Losa Goldberg
Todd Vin
Hey Todd, It was great chatting last week at the Intellicon conference. Hope you had a great conference! I just wanted to follow up to see if you were interested in learning any more about Klue? You had mentioned wanting to enable your product managers and technology team with competitive insights. Happy to connect you with a member of our team that can answer any questions. Let me know. Cheers, Jason