Klue fan, said their sales team loves it and now the whole org is asking for access. Specifically mention product, so I want to chat with her more about what they're looking to get out of the platform.
Sat at a table during the happy hour with the team from NCR, Loren and Preston were praising Klue, saying they wanted it, had demo’d it, but the main hurdle for them was getting budget approval. Currently using Zignal to try and manage collection but said it's not built for it, get a ton of duplicates, noise.
Losa Goldberg
Loren BrownPreston Long
Hey Loren and Preston, Great meeting you both at Intellicon last week. Hope you had a great conference. Just wanted to follow up and share my contact information, should you ever have any questions about Klue, or want to chat CI in general. I know budget approval was the big challenge for you, so let me know if I can ever help pull some strings internally. Cheers, Jason