VOC Interviews at Marketing QBR

Meeting Date
October 12, 2022
Oct 15, 2022 9:20 AM

Content + Thought Leadership

Chelsea knows how to leverage our content….

How do we enable the buyer with content, knowing they aren’t searchig for it.

When they were first shown Klue, it was overwhelming, to the point she was going to stay with what she had.

Once I set the parameters I was shopping for, Chelsea tailored the convo to what they cared about

No perception of Klue prior to speaking with Chelsea

Compete culture and the investment, want value quickly

A lot of orgs don’t have the same amount of investment internally to invest the same amount of time in Klue

Initial demo was everything at once, and not really reflected on pains

But Jennifer didn’t understand her pains

Never thought about competitive enablement, it was always two separate [ieces

They were SMEs but never really empowered to enable

We need more templates

Build the team as an enabler

“I would take less if I could do more with it”

“I have to show impact every quarter”

Always have a win-loss program side to side.

SFDC Data, SEO Data, using Clozd, Who we disqualify in pipeline,

Executives are drooling for

Do pilots when they release things (like messaging) with 25ish reps

Win-loss is how you get credibility

Once execs know that you’re watching it, and that you have an opinion on it

We need to educate on changing the perception around efficiency-only

CI needs to own win-loss. When it’s owneed by sales its always so focused on product needs and sales can often

Outgrown the platform, helped me kickstart 3 programs.

The way we were thinking about boards and battlecards was how we were trying to do it in Crayon

Boards and battlecards was where everything just”sat” in Klue

Pricing model was palpable, because we were incentivized to get her users. 400 logged in one out of over 1000 crayon users.

Perceived Crayon as leader


Colleague mentioned Klue and Crayon

Liked Klue’s branding - felt it represented how we would approach our product

We seemed committed to the craft of CI

Pablo sold Klue as a partner

Would follow up with Coby after he downloaded something from the website and Pablo reached out to send additional info

Crayon seemed like a big company that didn’t need their business

Started with the website

UI was nice

What were the pains he wanted to solve?

  • Trying to automate manual work
  • Only been doing CI full time for a year
  • Did it part time in other companies
  • Trying to capture as much intel as possibe
  • Does a deep dive and the output is battlecards
  • Sales, product management, PMM
  • reducing time on manual research, increase his ability to monitor competitors
  • Wished he could tie his work to metrics
  • Heavy users of confluence,
  • Sensed fear around tieing his work to revenue. Not feeling confident.
  • Seems like he doesn’t have a lot of confidence working with sales.
  • Sounds like he is doing the old way of CI, isn’t making content digestible for AEs
  • How do we take someone that wants to know EVERYTHING and get them to focus on what matters most
  • KNOW, SAY, SHOW - can we incorporate that into the product
  • Where does budget sit? Martech
  • Working on win-loss
  • has a budget of fields in SFDC he can mandate - how to improve SFDC data quality content piece
  • Clozd is doing proof of concepts
  • “Looked intuitive and easy to figure out how to use the product.”
  • “Ability to track web pages on unlimited competitors”
  • “Taking the information floating around and push it into Klue so I can go to one platform to find all of the information”
  • Understand what do best in class programs help people do?