PMM Chat - David Oragui - Oyster

Meeting Date
June 23, 2022
Oct 15, 2022 9:20 AM
Jason Oakley
  • What he’s mostly interested from a CI tool 👉 being able to see changes that have happened in their competitors products? Like in real time vs waiting for them to announce publicly. Something like an automated secret shopper.
  • Battlecards in Crayon are decent, sales team never uses them. When they have a call, they don’t want to go into another tab. They use Demodesk and crayon has no integration, so they have to manually copy their crayon battlecard content over to demo desk. Still, reps never use the battlecard content in DemoDesk when they’re on calls.
  • Crayon gives us bad habits, because they make us build out these big battlecards that reps can’t use. Instead we’ve started using Flashcards outside of Crayon. (not sure what they’re using for these)
  • Every week, they send insights into the CI Slack channel, thats their favourite Crayon feature. The most interesting insights in that channel come from the field, not from Crayon. The things Crayon can’t tell us.
  • In his opinion, whoever wins on the ability to provide insider knowledge will win the category.

Insights around their team/org:

  • David’s team is under PMM, but called Strategic Projects
  • Jennifer Chin (, reports to David, would be the main CI person right now
  • Three PMMs on the main team that also work in Crayon
  • Every three weeks they do updates on battlecards with info that comes up
  • PMM is looking to hire someone specifically for Competitive enablement, but doesn’t sound like they could get budget approval for a dedicated head count
  • For now, Moving someone from his team to PMM core to run CE, mid Q3 they should have someone dedicated to CI and then most likely will re-evaluate Crayon