Meeting w Product on Product Enablement

Meeting Date
Oct 15, 2022 9:20 AM
Brandon Bedford

What do PMs need?

  • Product Details - Discovery phase? Research on what competitors are doing with specific features
    • e.g. Threat and Impact analysis reporting - what does Crayon have in their product?
  • Competitive Matrix - 1 page with all competitors on a specific feature
    • Why? early stage research - how do competitors calculate their own impact
    • Visualizing their product (screenshots, videos)
  • Customer Validation (Gong Snippets) - What do customers value? What are their most successful de-positioning points against Klue? Do they like it?
    • Customer stories? Win/loss interviews?
  • Common De-positioning from Competitors - Ranking of de-positioning points that Crayon uses against Klue
    • How Crayon speaks about their product
      • e.g what customers SAY about Crayon’s product functionality - what they liked and why they liked it
  • Market Boards - Different content for different types of product managers? e.g. feature delivery (messaging and positioning), new product introductions (market research)
    • Regional markets
    • New product space (verticals)
  • Build or Buy - M&A, market intel etc.
  • What real-time intel would be valuable?
    • Pricing - how they price, pricing model
    • Acquisitions - where competitor might start focusing on
    • Messaging and positioning over time

Tim’s questions:

This card is the first time I've used Klue as a true consumer👆Questions I have now: How pro are the pros? How con are the cons? Which are the top pros and cons when it comes to effectiveness in deals? How does the deal duration/win rate/deal size FUD land with prospects customers? Is it a compelling shift in favor of Klue?

How do we influence the large Enterprise to care more about competitive enablement as opposed to old school, silo’ed analyst