Marketing Q2

Meeting Date
August 11, 2022
Oct 15, 2022 9:20 AM
Jason Oakley


  • Going to be an team of SDRs that are crushing it — we shoudl focus on this group
  • End of quarter prospecting messages for AE, PMMs are likely starting to think about it for the next Q
  • Our industry-specific AEs struggle with selling “how to use Klue for that use case”
  • We need more proof and examples on how people in diff industries, use cases, etc use Klue, how they talk, etc.
  • Look at net retention and churn by different verticals, use cases, and sub-verticals in SaaS

Setup a grid to determine what use cases/industrues we cover well, with what, content msging etc,

  • get the recording of that metrics presentation
  • How do we focus ENT SDrs on expanding contacts and multi-threading vs driving pipe

PushPay Interview:

  • Mentioned that help around understanding who to involve and why (in training sessions) would have helped during onboarding
  • Like being the detective, uncovering how to position and differentiate
  • Plan for product:
    • quarterly communications
    • Ad hoc competitive requests from (ex. a UX Designer)
    • Idea: Educate CI people on how to run a product CE meeting
    • Goal is to be more of a strategic partner in the discovery phase of product dev
    • For every feature they release, they do a mini market analysis (competitive factors into that a lot)
    • PMM influences the product roadmap, have a great relationship with VP of product
    • They have a group called the Product Guild, a two-way meeting of sharing information
  • Value Add:
    • Biggest one was time, eliminating ad-hoc requests
  • What does the C-site want?
    • When they’re doing public speaking, or meeting with clients and need to know the competition
    • Intel digest, fuels on ongoing conversation around competitive
    • ROI: calculated the amount of time she spent collecting intel in a spreadsheet (Here’s all of the other things I could be doing if I didn’t have to do this”
    • Exec was also spending a lot of time themselves looking for things. Now they no longer need to question whether things are fresh or accurate, don’t need to invest the time in finding intel themselves
  • How do you measure the value of Product and Exec CE:
    • more of a “we need this because”

On a scale from 1-10, how strong is your understanding of why [your company] is uniquely different from your competitors?

We’re not going to hire an army of smart people to sift through data.

Sell More, Faster, Bigger


Operational → Product and product Marketin, what are we going to do to win tomorrow?

  • What’s the dev process of our competitors, what are they building? What’s their roadmap?

  • How can we template where they’re going?
  • Starting to build that out for their product groups
  • Looking at it from a broader market perspective -


  • What are the threats and opportunities?
  • What’s happening out in the space that’s going to make us want to make a strategic change?
  • Ex. New emerging technology, new laws, mergers and acquisitions, cyber threats things that present opportunities or threats
  • Most senior leaders wont go into a tool, but some do and they become your champions
  • We take what we have in Klue and reformat into a presentation deck
  • Ad hoc requests from exec, send the card link
  • Decks they build for exec often include data and slides that they don’t typically don’t live in Klue
  • QBRs they typically do a competitive landscape and major moves by competitors
  • In strategic planning cycles - a half-day exercise, talk about what the market looks like, what competitors are doing, how they’re trying to beat us
  • Produce dekcs for board meetings
  • Support corp strategy in mergers and acquisitions, as needed, deep dives
    • R&D
    • Competitive and market risk analysis
  • Dashboard in Klue to lay out the high-level market analysis for exec and strategy teams
  • Measure:
    • Win-rates
    • Partner surveys
    • Third-party analysts
    • Win-loss analysis and exit interviews
    • Product launches

Start with Sales

  • You have to be close to the front to build that information with sales
  • They are going to be your best source of collecting and disseminating
  • Increase win rate, lower sales cycle times, and drive senior leader decision making
  • Without sales, you don’t have the intel database to pull from
  • You become the spokeperson for the front end of the business, to the backend around what’s happening how to differentiate, to also be the voice of reason. You become the liason.


Post Ideas:

evolution of a CE program

How CE impacts win-rate, deal velocity, deal size

Sales (Tactical) vs Product (Operational) vs Exec (and timeframes)

WHat’s the cost of FUD across your organization

WHat’s the cost of silos?

Filter and validate intel so you don’t over index

How can we get our executive team more involved in deals

Executive bingo card

Org-wide enablement messaging

product Pages

Support sales messaging framework

Prosuct Team Alignment

ENT Breakout:

Framework for what successful CI looks like

Need to get better at “pitching” the Maturity Assessment

A slide for “here’s what a best-in-class evaluation looks like” that reps could use to show what an ideal evaluation would look like