Gartner Inquiry - Peter Havart-Simkin

Meeting Date
June 23, 2022
Oct 15, 2022 9:20 AM
Jason Oakley
Analyst Firm:
Analyst Name:
Peter Havart-Simkin
Briefing Follow Up
What am I hoping to learn?
Overall Feedback, presentation delivery, where are we strong/weak, perception of our leadership in the market
Other goals for the call?
Find out if they consider us a leader What needs to be on our roadmap? What product gaps? What do we need to work on?
Peter is a former CEO / founder. His views come from being a former founder and executive at a startup.

Presentation / Demo Feedback

  • Thought the demo got a bit complicated in places.
  • He’s much more interested in business outcomes, tied to case studies, not use cases. Case studies have real benefits, metrics, and business outcomes.
  • How can we stop telling people how wonderful our tech is and move people towards the value to the customer. In doing that we start to look more for KPIs and metrics to help tell that story.
  • “Companies don’t write a cheque for tech, they write it for outcomes.”
  • There’s a level of complexity of the demo, which makes him think that the info we’re presenting is not really reliable.

Too Complex for Smaller Companies

  • Worried about customers, implementation, and wrapping their heads around everything
  • Presenting to someone early and new is a challenge, but that’s expected from a comprehensive tool.
  • There’s a learning curve and other players in this space offer a lot of hand holding to get the thing off the ground. (Crayon?)
  • If I’m going to look at the adoption of a tool by a CI TEAM, I can see how Klue will be used. But if I’m going to look at a small team where this is only part of their job and they want a tool to get them off the ground, I don’t see this as where your tool fits. It’s overkill. So there’s a level of company that your product is for.

CE Across the Org

  • There are a bunch of folks who love cards, and a bunch that don’t.
  • Peter is skeptical that “Cards” are the way for the org.
  • “A lot of tools out there are great for sales, but do sod-all for anyone else.”
  • What content can be actually useful for other parts of the org and how can I make it consumable for other parts of the org? not just cutting down the text, but formatting the info in a way that’s useful for them?
  • If Peter were CEO of Klue, he’d focus on the exploitation piece. How can we tailor that stuff towards the recipient. Different depts need info presented in a different way.
  • It’s about CONSUMERS. Need to cover the potential outputs for different stakeholders.

Collection from Call Recording Tools

  • I’m seeing a lot of companies use NLP analyzing sales calls to improve selling, but they aren’t using it to gather or analyze competitive intelligence. (I wonder if Crayon is pushing this with their new Gong integration?)

CI in the moment for reps

  • Very interested in seeing how CI can be dynamic and available while a rep is ON A CALL. In real time in the moment. The dynamic part of where/when it’s needed is starting to become possible, the tech is there, but no one is really doing it. (I wonder if Crayon is pushing this with their new Gong integration?)

What are the best CI platforms?

  • A lot of the tools out there are pretty rudimentry.
  • There are some that aren’t. Klue, Crayon. Wide Narrow.
  • Wide Narrow is great at interpreting the data, analyzing the data.
  • They’ve actually seen companies using Klue or Crayon AND Wide narrow. He expects to see more specializations. Thinks that companies will focus on different ends of the process and get used in combination.

No one is addressing growth companies

  • How far down market do we go and can we go? Is there a Klue use case to hook the early stage companies. How can we seed Klue into these organizations.
  • WHat’s the opportunity to grab the marketplace early on in the growth stage of a company vs only working with companies that have ESTABLISHED competitive teams.
  • He doesn’t see any vendor covering the low end of the market.
  • Feels like no company can get away with not understanding their competitive landscape.

Klue vs Crayon

  • Crayon - a lot to do with data repositories, data management. They used to be better at reporting but we’ve improved. They used to be better at integrations, but feels we’;re getting better there too.
  • Peter is going to do a comparison for us talking about where Crayon is strong vs where Klue is strong.