Call with Stefan Eller re: Recession Messaging

Meeting Date
September 2, 2022
Oct 15, 2022 9:20 AM
Jason Oakley

What’s changed?

People are doing these thigns all the time anyway?

It all sounds like buzzwords anyways, even the no fluff stuff

Nothings changed

But you still got ot win

So how do you do it

Know your customer

Know the market

Understand your competition

Position appropriately against the,m

So how do you do it?

You know more

But the points don’t change

Just more intensity, don’t loose your head

This is what Klue is going to do for you

You know your competitors, you know how tyo differentiate,

The intensity increase, the competitors that don’t loose Klue are going to be desparate becasue they won’t have a coordinated approach

You need to know why it shouldn’t be price




Once a competitor goes to price you can say they’re cheap because they can’t do what you need from them.

With what Klue will give you is a solid answer as to why “this is why they’re cheaper”

Stefan was asked to differentiate Klue over Crayon

You may be cheaper but you don’t meet our needs

Nothing’s changed, every deal matters

How do you maintain your differentiation over the competition? Klue is the way to do that.

Klue is not the holy grail of software. It’s offering you a structure

S - Snake

At the top you position your solution, the problem is the competitor says me to, then you come back and you have to differentiate, so whatare those points and what do they mean to the customer, then when the competitor comes back and says me to and we’re cheaper, you’ll then have to go back and say yeah they’re cheaper but they can’t do X, Y, Z which you needs. And you need proof.

Key word if differentiattion.