Bryan Britz

Meeting Date
Oct 15, 2022 9:20 AM

Chiefs of research at Gartner

Makes decisions to cover specific areas

Need to set our first year first inquiry

Differences betwen:


Don’t need to be a client

Briefings are on the record

Breifings are not for feedback, we just talk to them

We can ask them to not disclose certain information after a call

Plus we always get the chance to review reports before hrey go out

Things that are within the cone of certainty


Always confidential

Product roadmap feedback, help with our messaging

Content review and document review

Tip: Document review: one of the most valuable things they can inquiry on. Will always be a call.

Note: Can’t review client-specific proposals we pan to send out

No more than 20 pages

Be as pointed and specific with inquiries questions as we can be

Don’t tell them who needs to answer my questions about content - just submit the stuff and let them decide

But if there is someone who I want specific feedback from, I can request it

Content and Resources I should use:

Priorities Navigator → connects all of the research they have

Ignition Guide → templates and tools that outline a process, steps to doing it, and tools to help you

Tech CEO Score - prioritization and diagnostic tool. I can get other people’s perspectives in Klue on this, get them to complete the questionairre.

Initiatives - for someone in a job fucntion fofcused on topics, how tdo we help someone doing a specific job focus on topics

Hype Cycle - Research they write for potential buyers.

Impact Radars - for new tech, what’s the user case, who’s buying it, how do I embed that into my product strategy. Stuff will show up here before the hype cycle because there may not be “hype” for it yet

Tech Buying Behavioural Inisghts - what motivates people to buy, stay, what drives buyers and buying teams. Example, most buyers immidiately regreat their decision after making a purchase.

CI platforms is a relatively new category, so might not have all of this.

Cadence calls

  • They are going to help us drive our agenda
  • I need to look at analsyst saving me time and making better outcomes