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2022 Q1:

2022 Q3:

Datto Q &A

2022 Q4: Service Titan (WHO: Jennifer Roberts, Director Market Strategy based in St Paul MN; SEGMENT: Commercial; INDUSTRY: SaaS for trades; RNR; was on our podcast last spring)

1. How did you find Klue?

2. Were there any communities, websites, reviews sites etc that were helpful in learning more about Klue?

3. What got you to evaluate Klue?

4. What were the main differences that you saw in Klue vs Crayon?

5. Can you recall the moment where you decided on Klue? What drove that decision?

6. How could we have made the buying process easier for you?

  • How did you hear about Klue? Handed the Klue relationship. Had Crayon, was renewing. Program was reactive. Wasn’t integrated into anything, despite having it for 1-2 years.
  • Chelsea built a relationship with thought leadership content. Jennifer built her own team. Fairly mature program. Chelsea knows how to leverage our content. “Saw this webinar, thought of you”
  • Knew Jennifer’s pains. e.g. Reporting. Chelsea passed things like that along. e.g. Battlecards.
  • Great job on content in general. Taking a hard look at our content.
  • Jennifer was given PMM!
  • Do more with less. “Working smart”.
  • At first, Klue was overwhelming to her - 1st demo in Aug 2021. Too much to handle. “It was a lot at once”. Had 6 months to make it or break it. Chelsea tailored the conversation to what Jennifer cared about. Needed to be anchored on pains, but Jennifer didn’t have pains at the time.
  • Win Loss Program built side to side! What are you doing this for?
  • Clozd customer!
  • Win Loss is how you build credibility in the organization
  • On Klue to EDUCATED on the maturity.
  • Outgrown Crayon.
  • Pricing model threw Expedia off.
  • CI teams need HELP figuring it out.
  • Outgrown the [Crayon] platform
  • Way Klue does boards/bcards
  • UI/UX fit how they were thinking about it
  • Only 1/3 of her crayon users logged in more than twice
  • Incentive is on Klue for adoption and that was appealing.
  • Guidance is what’s needed/useful
  • Klue helped her think about competitive enablement, going beyond just competitive
  • Her experience and compete culture made her want to show value/ROI very quickly but she knows not everyone thinks this way
  • How she builds win loss: CR data, SEO data, CLozd, other sources in 1 view and she pilots this with 25 ppl
  • Feels our awarness is lower than crayon as they. have more market share
  • Compete is growing in popularity, ppl coming into the world of CI from many dff ways

Sift (WHO: Coby Montoya, Head of Competitive Excellence based in Scottsdale AZ; SEGMENT: Growth; INDUSTRY: Digital Trust & Safety, Fraud Detection)

1. What prompted your search and evaluation for a CI tool?

2. What was your initial perception of Klue?

3. As someone newer to CI, what about Klue resonated best? And least?

4. What would have made the buying process easier for you?

  1. How they built their business case internally? Who were your key influencers?

Other great things for us to know, time permitting:

5. What was the 1st thing you did to start your search?

6. What communities, websites, reviews sites, etc. were most valuable to you?

7. Who did you find right away?

8. What got you to evaluate Klue?

iuvity (WHO: Beatriz Cleves, Product Management, based in Bogota, Columbia; SEGMENT: Growth; INDUSTRY: IT Services & Consulting)

  1. What prompted your search and evaluation for a CI tool?

A:/ At a previous company I had the option of working with a CI tool (different from Klue) and saw the high value this type of platforms provide to Sales, Marketing and Product teams.

2. What got you to evaluate Klue?

A:/ Klue was suggested by someone internal at iuvity. We looked for it in your web page, and left information to be contacted.  We wanted to evaluate a different company from the one I worked before, to check what differences it had.

  1. How clear was our positioning and messaging on what we do?

A:/ VERY clear. The Commercial Account Executive I spoke with, is really good! He had all the information about the competitor, he knew what the differentials were, and he guided us on the main strengths that Klue has thinking in iuvity's needs.

  1. What was the evaluation process with Klue like?

A:/ The evaluation process was simple because we already knew what we were looking for, and we basically concentrated in checking the additional things Klue could offer us versus the competition. There were several features we saw as true differentiators, such as:

  • Mobile App
  • Embedding content into confluence
  • Triage mode letting us breeze through the day’s most important headlines
  • Unlimited curator-only boards allowing us to monitor more of our expanding landscape for free
  • Reporting of the usage+revenue impact of our work

The initial messaging presented did match with what we saw in the evaluation.

  • Heard about Klue and Crayon from a colleague
  • Brand stood out to him
  • Klue seemed committed to the craft, the domain of competitive intelligence
  • Domain expertise goes a long way with him
  • Collateral, Sylvia re: Maturity Assessment, Pablo painted the vision, sold Klue as a partner
  • AE dripping content - “here’s something else you may want to take a look at”
  • Crayon did not reach out the same way. Only met his sales rep there.
  • Crayon felt “big company”
  • UI/UX, especially Boards
  • Pain: Save time automating manual work
  • Know, Say, Show! Template for formatting, not just design.
  • Thought leadership incorporated into design
  • Content on how to improve SFDC data quality
  • Does Win-Loss, primarily in CRM?
  • Doing a POC with Clozd
  • Ideal competitive content for Product
  • Website Monitoring only for Pro Competitors
  • Not sure how to measure his Compete program
  • Not confident to tie to win rates as he feels 'his role and program' are only a part of overall revenue/win rate impact
  • Win loss is challenging b/c of SFDC data
  • Liked our Slack and email integration, b/c time savings and competitive coverage are impt to him right now (less on adoption)
  • Looking for 'best in class' compete program knowledge