Referral Program Learnings

Notes from customers

  • SOCi (Megan):
    • Not had luck on any referral program unless we offered pricing discounts in return. But she has a KAP would be open to making warm intros if we provide her with list of prospects we’re targeting - she prob wouldn’t provide just leads
  • Imperva (Pat Wall):
    • yes, willing to do references or make warm intros IF we give him list of prospects we are targeting. don’t offer $ it’s too lame. Instead, give me an amt so spend on Postal as a private bundle (loved that i sent him cooler b/c he camps). no need to add extra incentives for referral volume, ok to just make it same amt for ea referral. would need to know 1. which deal 2. who we are targeting 3. suggestions on what we want him to say.