AE Story feedback

  1. you show me what you do to prep for finding customer examples needed for deals.

  1. ideally how you’d like to be notified when stories are available?
  2. when/which stage of most deals do you need examples?
  3. what proof points are missing that you need the most?

Natalie N.

-ability to see SE tools and industry side x side for every story

-which stories have quant metrics at a glance (she doesn’t use our tags)—> sales confidence, adoption revenue impact, segment, churn, Integration: Slack, which function leads

  • add tags to support vertical slide labels (healthcare, enterprise, fintech)
  • remove references
  • add summary of what’s included in video

2. SDT (b/c CSM on call) and enablement sessions

  1. earlier the better; 1st demo, follow up. She sends: case study + slides in an email; don’t send videos b/c sh doesn’t remember what’s in it.
  2. SE champion (Coachhub down the line), non-SaaS industries (manufacturing, tangible goods) or ask Sophie about Cornerstone Building Brands

Cole G.

  1. goes to Klue b/c that’s where we have to go get them. kind of annoying to have to log out again but he does it. Search for customer name. If they are win rate focused, or time savings or pain point, then go to slides and find the quote that leads them to story. find use case, go find story examples to find proof points, find story, look for industry too, attach to email. Then, he drips further stories as reasons to connect, highlight key points in further emails. Gives some context on the story and ties it back to their pain point —> builds trust, credibility, adds value. Gets good response.

don’t mention too much of stories in actual calls and demos, he doesn’t dive too deep into the details. Just mentions names (4 or 5). better after the demo b/c prospect is more interested in the demo. Stories tie to the reason why. Name drop during the call, as they may not know who the customer is. Add a name to the story, make it personal when possible

  1. Share new stories in Slack, team meetings


  1. go to slide deck with the quotes deck b/c can find anything there. he doesn’t go to klue to find stories. would like to start in quotes deck and link to klue. Clean up tags, make sure all slides are linked from Klue (ie neo4j). Change title for slides to ‘sharable content’

other ideas: create email template in Hubspot

Pull out stories into new board


  1. listen to intro calls to understand their tech stack, what they do, partners, any connections. go into 1st call deck, and find logo slide and find industry that fits need. go into quotes slide deck to speak to those stories. 1st pitch: “…we have alot of customers who use x, similar to yourself, and they are doing this. “ —> short tight explanation including results. Mention as many customers as possible and give details of story, he speaks more the experience

Follow up emails—> send logo slides, find customer quote library, and attach quotes slides.

  1. doesn’t go to klue instance, b/c he gets what he needs from quotes; like tags in klue instance, and he shows this in demo
  2. Sales enablement meeting, then Slack
  3. Interest and eval, earlier in the deal cycle
  4. RNR ROI stories. would be helpful to have cross-org stories


  1. “this reminds me of ..” in 1st call. name dropping in 1st call when he has to defend. short story. focus on 1st demo on how we can solve your personal pain. then sends emails with
  2. Slack, bi-weekly team meeting
  3. follow up email
  4. More growth logos, great logos