SFDC Integration

Not many ppl clicking on the Klue dropdown i SFDC

More traction on the SFDC data cards

Win rate, and latest opps

People aren’t seeing them, it’s an education thing

Cards need to be added

Any pied piper deal closed in the last 6 months

People wanted customizable date ranges for both

People wanted custom opportunity stages, only won or lost deals, etc

New options on the drop-down:

  • Support can work with the customer to come up with any SQL query they might need
  • Anything that’s in Salesforce
  • MindTickle asked for it specifically, they wanted to be able to go back further in the sales cycle
  • Segmentation and company size
  • SHowng where you start losing or winning more delas, what stage of the sales cycle
  • multiple win rate cards with different filters

Customers want more control over this content, and keep it centralized in Klue

Sellers don’t read reports

Reps can see who won against competitors and ask them questions

In-app guidance we provide in Salesforce that walks your team through the battlecard flow

You can look at won-loss notes on each deal

Clean data quality

Track win rate on all kinds of criteria

Easily access the right cards

Centralize your win/loss notes