Financial Services Sales Playbook

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Sep 17, 2022 6:18 PM


Jason’s Notes
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Remaining Questions:

  • Are these the right Business Initiatives to use?
  • Does this card format and flow work?
  • Klue Differentiators as its own set of cards in the Klue Board? Or hyperlinks to Crayon etc?

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Questions to address June 30 (Brandon)

What does the smooth baton pass look like? What is the expectation of Product Marketing? Only have so much time to put toward this.
Sales Managers - Can we meet with them for 30 mins to enable them to record videos, early next week?
Enablement Sessions - What is the enablement plan, specifically regarding Thursday sessions?
QBR - What’s the training plan at QBR?
Maintenance - What’s the expectation for content updates and process? Idea: we carve out time during our monthly Sales Collateral Prio meeting to discuss any feedback?