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Sep 17, 2022 6:18 PM
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  • Shannon
    • where the KVS frameworks lives and breathes post-enablement/training - even if deals are competitive, status quo is still in the mix because EDM's are comparing what a PMM can do with a tool versus without a tool; painting the vision of what can be achieved and delivering value to the client knows out the status quo as a default option
    • Why Now / Urgency: talk tracks around why now and how to create urgency
    • Champion toolkit / business case resources x2 - coaching on how to challenge your champions - when deals are lost to low priority, it means I didn't have a strong enough champion + implicate enough pain with them (yes I am a MEDDIC fan).
      • "turning one deal using our tool, pays for itself, if every rep were to flip one deal in their favour using intel from Klue, you now have a revenue driving platform” (Alex)
    • Questions to Ask: x2 - So with that said - how can we challenge our champions to make sure they'll go to bat for us? yes personal pain/gain is big, but what about holding them accountable to present Klue internally? What if they don't allow us access to other people in the org or hold cars close to their chest? usually that means they aren't senior enough which means they can't be a champion - so how to we (as sellers) navigate from here? What are best practices for champ development?
  • Ben
    • Talk Tracks / Deal Example: Honestly best practices of what reps are saying and doing to combat inaction in deals, what do prospects lose by doing CI manually? How are our best reps helping clients calculate those costs and drive deals forward?
  • Angus
    • Additional headcount and Landmines to lay - especially vs. additional headcount or the most common reason clients switch from no process to a process
    • Clients who’ve found a lot of success going from no process to an established CI platform and their positive business outcomes
    • Why we win vs the status quo and why we lose
  • Alex
    • Common Objection Handling to Status Quo with Talk Tracks - Objection Handling Framework?!
      • Budget Freeze Objection
    • Customer Stories where they tried status quo, and then bought?