Zoe Hartsfield - LinkedIn Algo Tip, don’t edit posts right away

LI algo pro tip: if you edit your post within the first hour of posting, it will suppress/hinder your reach if its a minor error, just leave it - otherwise suffer the engagement hit

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That feeling when something you've been waiting on and believing for FINALLY comes to fruition. <3 #itsabouttime


Where do you draw confidence from? Asking for a friend… Ps. The friend is me 🥸

I have posted 5 times in the past 24 hrs - here are the stats: 120k+ views 900+ reactions 300+ comments 53 convos in the DMs 13 opps for the sales team 3 "I'm proud of you"s from leadership 2 invites to speak at events 1 new high profile candidate for a role we have been DYING to fill. Linkedin is only a waste of time if you're here to waste your time. #linkedin #personalbranding #salesenablement

I can’t think of a single scenario where I’d rather you assume than ask.

Try asking “how are you, really?” today on a call with your prospect, manager or teammate. Too many people go through life feeling see through- you can change that for someone today. 🖤

Offer- I will give any sales team my Personal Brand/Social Selling crash course for FREE in exchange for: Your Sales Enablement or Sales Leader taking a demo with one of my BDRs - if interested, DM me. We got a deal? #enablement #socialselling

I dare you to connect with your prospects and engage with them on social for 3 weeks before you make any kind of cold outreach. Do it. You won’t do it…

Productivity tips for any rep, or IC: -Time block -Have a running “to do or die” list ^dont ever let any task go 48 hrs still undone -Communicate your blockers with your manager -Communicate your wins too (trust me) -Write down the 3 MOST IMPORTANT functions of your job on a sticky note -Put it on your desk -Ensure every ask you undertake tracks back to those goals Enable up, y’all:) #productivity #enablement