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I have 680+ articles, blog posts, tweets, and templates saved in my product marketing swipe file, stretching back 8 years. On every topic: positioning, pricing, PR, product, sales, campaigns, strategy, project management... and more. Comment below if you want it... ... and then get the swipe file here: https://lnkd.in/eF4ZiVHs hope you find it useful! πŸ™Œ #productmarketing #marketing


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Last year I was named Positioning & Messaging Maestro of the Year 2021 by the Product Marketing Alliance. It's my jam: the intersection of customer-centricity, internal assumptions, and strategy in practice. The literal definition of positioning is "to occupy a space in the customer's mind"... ...but how are we going to position effectively if we don't understand what's going on in their head? It's easier than ever to get in front of people. And it's harder than ever to get them to notice you. ---- Over the last 5 years, I've cultivated a positioning process that I call Customer Value Positioning. I've just finalised a version of my framework that I'm happy to share! It's been through round after round of revision and simplification. Special thanks to the 20+ product marketers and marketing leaders who've reviewed and shared their thoughts on it too! On Tuesday I'll be sharing my Customer Value Positioning framework on my newsletter. I'll also be launching a pre-order for a walkthrough video course too. I'm really excited to share this with the world. It's easier than ever to get in front of people. It's harder than ever to get them to notice you. Customer Value Positioning is the answer. Drop a comment below and I'll share the link with you when it launches (plus a special pre-order offer)! #marketing #positioning #productmarketing


Here's one thing that separates weak companies from great companies: How well they structure + approach customer insights. Here's your reminder to πŸ‘ do πŸ‘ the πŸ‘ work πŸ‘ and πŸ‘ talk πŸ‘ to πŸ‘ customers ... The image below is a almost-completed interview matrix from a company I'm working with to build new positioning. Every colored square is a piece of insight in response to ~20 questions, organized by persona. Now, we'll interrogate by looking for patterns and anomalies, before we start identifying the pieces of *value* that their customers desire. My tips: - Build evidence - Measure confidence - Listen... and HEAR... what your customers are saying #productmarketing #b2b #b2bmarketing


Situation. Problem. Implication. Resolution. Value. ^ key stages to help define the narrative between what customers are doing TODAY, and the value they want to gain TOMORROW. In my positioning process, I used to just extract value themes and then go straight into messaging, creating value nuggets that tie back to product features. But as I rolled out more messaging to larger teams or in more complex arenas, I noticed that we had to go further. Frontline sales and marketing teams need the context of where our customers are today, the challenges they’re facing, and then to know how fixing the problem enables value. Don't skip this crucial education. (Check out my latest post on how to use 'value stories' to center product value amongst customer problems.) #productmarketing #pmm #b2bsales #positioning

It's Monday. We're in a difficult environment. Here's a reminder from my favourite wholesome TikTok account that this week might possibly very well be the best week of your whole entire mother effing life. #mondaymotivation


Investigating an idea but If you're a product marketer and have insights worth sharing with the product marketing community (and want to make money too), then drop me a message!

This week in The Overview, issue 41: - Where do your buyers learn? - 121 conversations are "earned insights" - The rise of Job-to-be-done-style marketing - Swipe file highlight: Entering B2B markets and dealing with tablestakes Check out the post (link below)! https://lnkd.in/eB_xkPr6 #productmarketing #b2bmarketing

Recruiters looking for product marketers? ~3 great PMMs who are going through our product marketing course are in the market for new roles. Hit me up for intros! #productmarketing

If you didn't know already, Alicia and I are running a course to help product marketers answer the question... WTF is go-to-market? THIS quote from a current member gives us *life*. The ability to build a sustainable GTM based on DISCOVERING personas and value props is a 10x skill for career growth and results. And it's so good to be part of that - helping up-and-coming PMMs grow. (We're starting to plan our next cohort, likely within the next few months: let me know if you're interested in joining!) #productmarketing #pmm #careergrowth #gotomarket


Ask questions that are centered around your customer. Instead of 'how do we win deals?'... ... Ask 'why do customers choose us?'

I don't think we can market/sell/build for our customers unless we really, truly, deeply understand them. I created a list of 60 prompts to help you build customer empathy. And also opened presales for a physical pack of flashcards to help you facilitate workshops, build knowledge, and find inspiration. Below you'll find a taster - and in the comments, you'll find the link to read more (and also preorder a physical pack if you're interested!) What do they think about the company? What do they like or dislike about their role? Why do they stay at the company? What keeps them up at night? What inspires them about the industry they’re in? What do they think about the company strategy? What do they think their biggest challenges are? What do they think their biggest opportunities are? What do they think of your product? What do they think about your competitors? #productmarketing #customerexperience #customerjourney