Inquiry with Evan Brown

Jun 13, 2022 1:04 AM
Meeting Date
  • Not even using google alerts
  • People typically think CI is:
    • Dumpster diving
    • Secret shopping
  • There are a lot of free info sources
    • Patent filings
    • Crunchbase
    • Google Alerts
    • Simply don’t know where to get CI from, more often than not
  • So when we give them a tool, they want to source information from EVERYTHING and they’re getting completely overwhelmed
  • So having a sort of ease smaller clients into the CI process
    • So here are the basics you need to improve what you’re doing
  • They lack focus, they identify a ton of comeptitors vs focusing on a couple that should be the biggest focus
  • How would we market that?
    • You’re not ready yet??
    • How could you swing locking a feature set?
  • Even’s approach would be here’s your onboarding plan, can you realistically etach them how to use the tools
  • For Tech CEOs that’s the biggest hurdle is knowing how to use the tool
  • A lot of companies provide hands on support to cover this
    • Evan’s counter to that is realistically how engrained is that person in your org
    • CI requires a lot of internal meetings, knowledge sharing
    • Are they able to give that level of integration
  • Tech CEOs, if they have the money to pay for a 3rd party analyst, then they’re beholden to the tool
  • But if they build a strong process, that’s a skillset they’re building internally that they can take with them
  • We’re going to teach you how to perform CI
  • Being more prescriptive anout the types of intel they should look at. This is more appropriate for you becasue...

Have we seen their research around scoring competitors? READ THIS.

Recommendations around win-loss:

  • Don’t do them yourself if possible
  • Very hard to eliminate personal bias