Evan Brown - Intro Meeting

Jun 13, 2022 1:04 AM
Meeting Date

Evan covers very small orgs, up to 25 mil in revenue

Micro clients is where he focuses.

They don’t know how to d CI

N bandwidth

Don’t know how to do it

Check out the buyers guide

They see the platform as the magic solution

Always tells clients to prioritize working as a team

Do we do all the rearranging and talking internaally, or do we buy a tool

Most clients with these tools are cmpletely overwhelmed

They don’t know how or have the time to tweak the tool to deliver the best results

Getting people to work together, leverage the internal intelligence

WideNarrow - we don’t do deep analysis, they just provide an easy platform

Get together, discuss, leverage the insights

Needs to be a tool that integrates well, has an eas-to-use UI

Champion competitive intelligence, and work together

Little UI things that cause people NOT to share intle

Predictive analysis, is what a lot of tech CEOs want the tools to be

  • Stealth product entries
  • Forecast whether a competitor is going to make moves x, y, and z
  • Where are competitors going to invest

providing an analsyt, but

He seems to think that providing an analyst isn’t the right approach

Champions need to be skilled at getting people to work together, and work as a team. Need to get groups to work together. it’s not just about having an analyst to help pick the right alerts

Almost always rooted in internal process, not a tech thing. It boils down to a lack of CI intelligence experience in the tech CEO sector. $25mil revenue and under.

That’s how competitive intelligence is done correctly — Sales Enablement

Can you work collaboratively within the tool?

Need to get everyone into the competitive intelligence ecosystem

Breaking down the boundaries

Need to have a champion within each department

Providing value:

  • Being able to provide information that they don’t already know

Win / Loss is “tricky”

For tech CEO clients we say yes, do it

If you have unliminted funds, you get an outside org to do it

It’s biased when people try to do it internally

They recommend doing it if they can, but don’t treat it as a super reliable thing for small orgs

Don’t build entire strategies entirely around win/loss

Advises clients to not build entire strategies around win/loss


  • battlecards
  • If there was a deliverable my clients were prioritizing, it would most likely be battlecards

Speak to Tech CEO about how they have a ton of internal knowledge already in their org, now your entire team can do competitive intelligence

Peter speaks to larger tech CEO client s

Need to book a meeting every month