Chris Meering #2

Jun 13, 2022 1:04 AM
Meeting Date
  • Who else should I talk to?
    • Evan and Pete make up the Tech CEO team
    • They split PMM and PM
    • Chris, is above $250mil revenue
    • I should talk to David Jacobssen (sales enablement)
    • There are some more sales enablement folks

  • They’ve asked evryone who owns CI, they asked PMs
    • 36% said we own it
    • 39% said PMM own it
  • How many of you are involved?
    • 60%

  • As marketers:
  • Who owns it? Who buys it?
    • Chis feels it should be shared
    • It needs to be a center of excellence
    • People are. buying products and not sharing, moreso PMMs are not sharing with PMs
    • Marketing and sales always get budget, but PMs don’t and they don’t like that
    • Has spoken with a M&CI team, but sales and product marketing are buying their own tools and not sharing
    • Silos of competitive intelligence
    • CI team, PMM, and Product Management - in larger orgs he talks to more PMM teams vs PMs
    • Competitive insights or Market Insight teams in larger orgs
      • They are more old school
      • Getting analyst reports, press reports, less talking to customers
      • They then funnel that info out to the other teams, and those teams are then going out and buying their own tools
      • But they’re too old school, they aren’t asking stakeholders what they want
      • The state has changed, teams want battlecards, real-time analysis,
      • Larger orgs will always have a dedicated team, and eventually they’ll make a play to pull everything back in
      • Chris believes they’ll eventually pull everything back in centrally
      • PM and PMMs often have different competitiors that they think are top
      • Battlecards - keep it short, keep it simple Attack and defend

        Attack, stregths and weaknesses

        Defend, what should they be saying, what are rebuttles

        I don’t necessarily need to know the details, I need to know “do do I use these to attack and defeend?”

        Too many companies focus on bullets, where the sales team wants to know “how do I use that?”

        “Turning competitive data into competitive intelligence”

        PMs just want the data, they just want to know the intel. PMs are more data driven, sales people need to be spoon fed a bit more. PMs want to know where are we weak, where are we strong.

        PMs want voice of the customer as well.

        PMs shiould know what customers are looking for, not just strengths and weaknesses

        Feel product managers are an unitilized area. They were surprised

        Going to be pushing out research that there are more areas of the business that need thids.

        A lot of orgs using a mix of tools

        An underutilized area. One of his pwt problems is that it doeesn’t get done enough, and often done by the sales team.

        David is working on a study about win/loss services. Having a neutral part of the organization doing the win/loss is going to be so much better.

        David Jacobssen is doing researcj on win/loss.

        Centralization, what is the best practice for C&MI. Who should lead it?

        Centralization and collaboration.

        Metrics for C&MI. How do they show the success of the program.

        Show Chris our metrics.