February 16, 2022

15 deals per year, a unique type of org

They do sell SaaS software but they just sold a $12.5 million deal to Mayo

Deals take 2.5 years per cycle

More at the Boeing end of the scale compared to the Zoom end

They have a very small team, 35, highly trained sales reps

Guys who have been in the org for 25 plus years, then the guys that are 5-10 years

When they brought in Klue the old guys didn’t want it, the new guys did. And the adoption among the new guys was good to start. But after a 3-month period it dropped off.

The SDR would go back in on a regular basis.

They went back to them but their needs were:

  • competitive intelligence
  • but sales positioning just as much
  • and market trends and keywords
  • They needed it all curated very very highly, to the point where there was no difference between CI and sales positioning
  • They didn’t want to self-serve, they wanted PMMs to take bits from everywhere and build positioning and messaging statements for the entire workflow of the opportunity

As time went on, they were wontinually being challenged as to why they had Klue, when the sales team needs were not meeting that

Loved the support they were getting from Sophie. she tried a number of different approaches to get value for the team

They thought the product was excellent

The comment they got when they told the reps they were moving from Klue was “What about the digest?”

The digest was something they really found value in. But when they dug in they heard that it was a bit static.

Utlimately the reps just all wanted their own personal PMM feeding them exactly what they needed for their specific deal at any time.

They still haven’t figured out how the positioning is being delivered.

Their PMMs are subject matter experts, but their challenge is staying up to date on the market place

Bill doesn’t really know how they’re going to manage delivering market intelligence to the PMMs

“We don’t think like that” - our positioning is all together, not just about a specific competitor.

PMMs are creating little mini decks, info off the battlecards, how to position for a children’s hospital, for messaging, here are the content recommendations, and requirements,

using Highspot to create remixes, big decks of 50-60 slides that are meant to communicate deal-specific positioning and messagig. Used as an internal resources for each deal. A rep may use 4-5 slides out of the decks as the basis of a sales presentation, but the deck is mostly internal.

Highspot is acting as an indexing tool, all of their content is in Sharepoint

The things they feel they’re missing now is the DIgest, and keyword searching.

Have to find a way to slightly combine what you see in Highspot and what you see in Klue. A source of info, versioning, and feedback. A combination of positioning, CI, and market intelligence.

WHen you remix a deck in Highspot, it’s just a snapshot in time, it doesn’t reference the original.