• How SFDC does CE
  • How can we plug SFDC and Klue, better together story

Touch on Win/loss* Talk about a ecosystem approach

Analytics, automation and workflow

Are we using Slides:

Crawl, walk, run

45 mins, including Q&A

Q&A Style, I’ll do a fireside chat

Fewer slides the better, but a visual aid would be great



Headshots and Bios

Emily - Operations Queen

Dan - Been doing CI for a long time.

Kiera - new to the team, in a sales role

What to consider when starting a CI team?

How to think about establishing IC, Crawl, walk, run

What limits you’re going to hit and how technology can help

What tech (like Klue) can help you get ahead, with content management and strategy

How do I structure my team, what time invlvement for different rucators

How do I structure a CI function, how do you interface with othwer teams

You can’t just do one or the other

I can enable sales to win more deals, or I can suggest a strategic acquisiton or build a whole new other thing that helps us win

It’s critical that we do well across all those levels

Our job is to have context across the business, it’s our super power

They have to have the context of what’s happening on the ground

Building the competitive muscle in the organizaton. the cmpetitive teams think they are. the ones to build the battlecards

You have to build a network of people who can do it together

They stopped doing it, turned it off, created pain, then asked for resources and committment to do it together

Klue is on the V2MOM for the SFDC PMM team

Competitive intelligence is not the responsibility of one team within your organization, nor does it just mean building battlecards for your sales team. It’s a strategic function that drives important conversations and big moves within your business.

In this session, we talk with the Competitive Intelligence team at Salesforce about how they’ve established this critical function.

Topics include:

What to consider when starting a CI team

The crawl, walk, run approach to establishing CI

How to structure your team

How to build a CI network within your org

How to enable all levels of the org, not just sales

The limits you’ll hit and how technology can help