Feb 9

February 9, 2022

From Suman:

1. logo approvals

2. quick tour of klue instance

3. anything else you need

I’d like updates on:

  • What is the first deliverable for all customer stories?
  • Gartner Peer Review Inisghts
  • G2 Plan
  • Customer approval internal plan
  • Micro-advisory
  • What customer stories are in the works?
  • What’s our plan with PMA Summit(s) - not enough bandwidth?
  • Ascent Event, what’s the next step there? Do you need my help?

Last week discussion topics:


  • Mack is no longer doing G2, are we finding a replacement

Talked to Dan

  • Gift customers memberships

S/j: hi here are a few items for me for our 1:1

1. Community+ PMM intersect

  • Creating customer success stories
  • References
  • Reviews
  • Speaking engagements
  • All the forms of customer advocacy - marketing through our customers
  • Microadvisory board

  • Not owning customer community

2. Salesforce abstract brainstorm

3. Budget?