Rahim Kaba at OneSpan

February 10, 2022

How to standardize capturong intelligence at the company

All ad-hoc

How do I offload all of this work.


New logos



New Logos, new buz with existing customers

Not growth within customers

Our challenge is growth, new biz

How do we parse out new biz

We tried and stopped

Impact analysis is tricky to do

Sales Ops

Headache to manage separate docs

How did we centralize that intelligence

How do we deliver it in a transparent fashion

Omboarding trainings that not everyone had access to

It became centralized

Newsletters - they had one that was done in powerpoint,

Google alerts coming out of their eyeballs

Hours every week putting that together.

Oversold a bit - machine learning and Klue gets smarter. They haven’t seen it yet.

Machine learning, as we feed it information, all these data points are being pushed into Klue, email and slack notifications that go into Klue. Klye would see a lot of intel coming from our team on competitor X, so Klue would start to pull everything around that competitor and work that into feed. Auto-population of an insights card around that competitor. More like proactive notifications around insights, things you should look at,

Not using the battlecard button - initial feedback from a group of 20-25 people and it looked like it was good enough, then rolled it out to 200 reps, but it was just essentially a short-cut button to Klue.