Meeting with Kalle



Priorities for PMM

Where can I make the biggest impact early on?

We don't generate insights ourselves. The content delivers value, and we don't build the content. Our success depends on how great the content vceator is on the customer side.

When we position as CE dfor sales, from the product teams perspective they feel we havent naiked the use case so they won't focus on anyhting else.

If we focus on sales, but Crayon say everyone, why would people who have mutltiple use case choose Klue/

We first need to dominate the enablement )sales_ use case.

Understand why product should focus on it and nail it, but should our marketing be so narrow?

We'll hit a wall in 2023 if we don't expand out of B2B tech

Enabling the non-SaaS strategy will be critical

Align with Sylvia on new verticals. She's been building new demo instances for new verticals.

Also need collatral case studies etc.