Great Lines for Copy

30% of deals are lost directly to a competitor. It stings to lose a deal that should have been won where often the salesperson simply got outmanoeuvred.

Klue Everywhere: Klue is the only CI tool in the Salesforce AppExchange, Gong App store, Chrome store, Apple App Store, and Google Play store

Field intelligence. Of course you want to scrape the web and grab publicly available, external information on your competitors, but we also want to gather information from within the four walls of [company x]. Reps are hearing valuable information about competitors every day, so how do we make it easy for them to collaborate and share intel within Klue. Through integrations.

One of our largest customers is Dell, and they have 16000 consumers on the platform. A lot of those are outside of the company, becase they have a large reseller program.

How to we help sales teams win a deal

"salespeople only care about "how amd I going to win against a competitor?"" - Louann Rust from Experian

Bridging the gap between CI and revenue enablement = competitive enablement

Is your competitive landscape a “fruit salad”? Track all competitors.

We want to define the job and the workflows that fall under competitive enablement

Most CI Analysts are a search engine for 40% of their day

A board is your war room to do whatever you want about that threat and build presentation layers from that content for your consumers

Top ranked on G2 when it comes to focus on machine learning

Signal vs Noise

Beyond public web collection we put a big focus on crowdsourcing intel internally

Michael Dell checks the Dell Intel Digest every week

Taking 5 minutes to reading your Intel digest each week will make you a subject matter expert on the lanscape

Turn intel and insights into actionable content that impacts deals, while allowing you to measure the impact

Our Salesforce integration helps you reinforce better Salesforce data collection

When you search in Klue, it doesn’t take you to raw intel, it takes you to cards. Reps don’t need to create their own narrative

Competitive enablement works like this. You start by collecting intel. You then turn it into something actionable. And then distribute it to your team.

“More of a prescriptive process for enabling the team with competitive intel”

Tell the story in a way that the field can go out and replicate