Enterprise Team Content Needs



  • Buyer enablement
  • Gannt style project plan
  • Industry specific content
  • Don’t speak with a. lot of PMMs in enterprise
  • Not enablement focused,
  • Industry specific two-pagers (low lift)

Industry specific logos

Healthcare, FINS, Telcom, Manufacturing, Insurance

Work on vertical specific messaging

Move enterprise executive slides to the AE deck

Buyer ENablement:

  • Map out the next steps
  • Milestones like doing the maturity model

For big enterprises, they have a number of different curators, peole to align, what resources to allocate, what things happen and in what sequence,

How many hours and when for each role stakeholder

Who do I pull in, when , and and what am I asking them to do

Reach out to Sophie Baker

Do the gannt chart thing

What is the process post-sale, for Growth, commercial, and enterprise

Kickoff call

Curator training call

3 enterprise companies struggling with implementation:


Salesforce - Emily


Kickoff call for Nokia

AE/CS project plan channel

How to build a CI program at an enterprise company