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Notion certified


Finish swapping in master tags on Swipes
Add table views to Tags for easy viewing of everything
Remove the old tag property
Does every database have an archive checkbox?
Add my LinkedIn posts as Swipes
Build Functional Areas Pages
Finish Personal Dashboard
Does the Inbox need to stay? or is it just the weekly review?
Eliminate Notebooks, just use master tag database
To do list tracker, inbox, due now, due soon, sectioned by functional area, completed, ASAPcheckbox
Add a resources database
Icons8.com, flatirons.com
Try the Kanban board for tasks
Add a status of Stuck
spaces instead of functional areas
Create Weekly Review Page
Declutter mode
Add all properties as sections
Create Personal Dashboard
Add sub-tasks within each Default Release task
Add Database Templates
Create Internal Landing Page
Remove all the toggles from tag database items
Add the Archive filter to every database
Remove top-level page discussions
Every page should have a toggled “how to use this page” section
Add dummy content to databases
Add tooltips everywhere
Take screenshots for landing page
Record my complete demo video
Setup Product Board integration
Refine the weekly review
Make a better release template

Functional Area Page Templates

Product Launch: Tier 1, 2, 3, 4 launch templates
Messaging Workshop template
Positioning document template
Messaging document template
Messaging Framework
Positioning Framework
Battlecard Template
Messaging Feedback Interview
Customer Interview template
Analyst meeting template
Analyst briefing plan template
Case study interview template
Win-loss interview template
Persona template
positioning and messaging workshop template
Decision Memo Template
Product Naming Template
Release Marketing tiering tool. GTM plan template
Dashboard for tracking KPIs and business goals
Maybe a location where people across the org can contribute to messaging. Stuff like "heard this from a prospect" or "found this bit of research". That way I can more easily aggregate
roadmap alignment - API into JIRA/Confluence
product maturity (pre-launch, growth, sunset) playbooks
M&A playbooks/checklist
naming templates
automation to push release notes into emails, zendesk, website, etc
ICP/persona repository/data area (think pull data from Salesforce and other areas)
CI repository or an API to Klue/Crayon
Maybe some sort of data analysis tool in how many requests vs. how many shipped products/features/requests per quarter, repeat types of requests to know what to templatize, how to spot workflow inefficiencies, etc.
A place to store and review metrics if they're not easily available via internal API or feed

Page Ideas

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Customer Marketing
Customer Marketing
Task Planner
Task Planner
Team Task Manager (1)
Team Task Manager (1)
PMM Impact Reporting
PMM Impact Reporting

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Content Creation Station
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Positioning & Messaging
Customer Marketing
Customer Marketing
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Personas & Segmentation
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Personas & Segmentation (Coming Soon)
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Customer Marketing (Coming Soon)