Nike HyperRev vs Huarache Ads — The power of compelling copy

I love these two Nike ads. Both are strong in different ways, but to me, one is a clear messaging winner.


The first is a more traditional feature/benefit overview of the Zoom HyperRev. For serious ballplayers who have gone through dozens of shoes over the years, a more in-depth breakdown may be needed.

It helps to understand what’s new in the HyperRev and how it will perform. The breathable Mesh Upper, lightweight midsole, and flexible lining all speak to different benefits I’m looking for.

But if Nike wants an emotional response from me, they’re not getting it.


On the other hand, take this Air Huarache ad.

It focuses on one simple feature — the shoe stretches with your foot.

And one simple benefit — ultimate comfort, like a hug for your foot.

The copy on this ad is also spot on. “Have you hugged your foot today?” grabs my attention immediately and makes me think of just how uncomfortable some of my shoes are (and how tired my feet are).

I have an emotional response to this ad.

I’ll admit, that most of the messaging and copy I write are more geared towards the HyperRev example. Looking at these two ads, I’m reminded of how important a simple message and compelling copy are.

Hopefully, it’s a good reminder for you as well.

PS. Finally getting back on the court for the first time tonight in over two years. Couldn’t be more stoked. 🏀