Scratchpad LinkedIn Feature Release

This one is for my sales friends who actually update Salesforce, as well as the ones always having their VP ask if they've updated Salesforce yet (Thomas Woods 👀 ) I think great new products deserve public shout-outs, and Scratchpad fits that criteria. SF can be a clunky ordeal of dropdowns and different account pages, but with Scratchpad you can make updates way quicker, from a more streamlined view in your browser, and its reflected in SF in real time. I'm also using it for general call notes and those files are also immediately synced with the SF acct for myself or anyone else to see. And it was easy (and free) to set it up and start using it. So before I start rambling, I'll say this: if you're trying to turn the tides on the classic Shit In, Shit Out dilemma, give this a try. Nice work Pouyan Salehi and Team 🤝