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Use these 9 questions to get to know your new hires 👇:



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The 5 C's of Successful Employee Onboarding: Camaraderie - create a sense of belonging Connection - build relationships with others Creative - be unique Comfort - provide a sense of community Care - show they mean something to you What else would you add? #onboarding #hr #futureofwork

7 ways to develop new relationships: 1. Believe everyone has something to teach you 2. Be question > answer focused 3. Be flexible to where the conversation goes 4. Play the infinite game 5. Realize others are also uncomfortable 6. Focus on helping them 7. Be authentic What else would you add? #eq #futureofwork #hr

10 lessons on relationship building 👇


5 questions to ask a new hire when they begin: 1. What brought you here? 2. What do you think will keep you here? 3. What are your goals for your current role? 4. What is the best praise you ever received and what made it so meaningful? 5. What specific skills do you want to learn and how can I support? What other questions would you add? #hr #onboarding #futureofwork

8 sports lessons that translate to the working world 👇

The 6 biggest work motivators: 1. Insight - The drive for creativity, knowledge and learning 2. Impact - To be bold and influential 3. Meaning - Find and realize one's purpose 4. Productivity - To reliably execute tasks 5. Harmony - Wanting to support and treat others well 6. Connection - To build relationships Once you understand what motivates you, the goal is to use that to your advantage. This type of work will give you energy and not feel like "work." If one of these is draining for you, the goal is to leverage a different motivator to help you get through that. For example, productivity can be draining for me. It can be draining for me to put my head down and be detail-oriented on a task. I leverage my overall drive to be bold and influential to help me get through those times I need to make sure I am doing a task to perfection. A good exercise is spending 5-10 minutes thinking about what really motivates you and how you can use that to your advantage. It's also a great manager tactic to be intentional about asking your direct reports/new hires questions around motivation. #hr #emotionalintelligence #futureofwork

3 things to do before you fire off that frustrated email: 1. Get up from your chair and get some water 2. Pause and think from their perspective 3. Ensure you are seeing things from objectives facts rather than just your own perspective This will strengthen your relationships. And then think to yourself, will this matter in 3 minutes, 3 days, or 3 years? If not, try to move on. These strategies have helped me control my emotions. #hr #emotionalintelligence #futureofwork

I had the immense pleasure of interviewing Paul Carney, MBA, SPHR for my "Greater Self" podcast. Paul is the current EVP, Chief Human Resources Officer at Carter Bank & Trust. He is also an Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience as a software engineer, entrepreneur, trainer, HR professional and career advocate This podcast episode is fantastic as Paul shares a couple items that really stuck out to me: 1. He had to build the HR function of a public bank fully from the ground up 2. His belief that the CHRO needs to also be the Chief Business Officer 3. His view on the future of work and HR Episode link is in the comments!