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#Marketing & giving: Kels and I were driving when the sensor lit up… “What does RR mean?” I said. Kelsey looked at the dash. “I dunno,” she said, “rear right?” “Oh,” I said, “yeh, the tire pressure.” We pulled into a gas station and parked beside the air pump. The sign said: $1 = 5 minutes. I got some quarters from the center console. “Be right back.” “Oh kay.” I got out and put the money in the slot. The air began to flow and I began to pump. I watched the tire inflate. A minute went by. I pressed the tire with my thumb. It felt good again. “Young man?” I turned around. “Can I borrow that?” the man said, pointing at the hose with his cane. His car was parked behind mine. He had a flat, too. “Sure,” I said. “Need a hand?” The man smiled behind his mask. “Thanks for not making me ask.” I took a knee and pumped while we made small talk. We talked about his family, his children. We talked about the weather, the snow. Then it was quiet for a moment. “You smoke?” he said. I looked up. “Sometimes.” “Well then take this,” he said, holding out a cigar. “It’s a $20 cigar, a very good cigar.” I smiled and waved my hand and said no. But he insisted. “Please,” he said. The Rule of Reciprocity tells us it’s human to want to return a gesture. We’re programmed to give value after getting value. And here’s the thing: we tend to give back far more than we originally received. The key is to give something to someone as a gift (as opposed to a request or a thank you). The reciprocation mindset is only activated when someone receives a “no strings attached” gift. This is how small, free samples turn into big sales. Give away your content, your expertise, your time — and it will come back to you in spades. #copywriting #creativity #writing P.S. 👇