Advice for product marketers that don’t feel confident presenting to sales

For my #productmarketing friends out there that don’t feel confident running sales training sessions. Remember these two things:


You’re running the session for the majority of reps that need and want your help. There is always going to be a handful of senior, top-performing reps that already know the material.

You’re not talking to them.

You’re talking to the rest of the team (usually the larger %) that are either brand new, ramping, still sharpening their skills, or going through a rough patch and need to find their swing again.

Try remembering that you’re speaking to those people and it won’t feel as intimidating.


You’re facilitating a discussion, so everyone can learn from each other. You’re not waking into the meeting acting like you have all the answers.

You’re bringing research-backed opinions, call recordings, and customer feedback to help facilitate a valuable discussion.

And you’re leveraging those top-performing reps who can share their experience and ideas, adding more value and credibility to the conversation.

A simple mindset shift that works for me. I hope it works for you too.