How can we make it easier to buy from us?

How can we make it easier to buy from us?

That was a question we asked ourselves in 2022.

How can buyers more easily:

  • educate themselves on our product
  • get behind the wheel
  • compare us against alternatives
  • build a rock-solid business case

… with as little friction as possible.

As April Dunford explains it 👇

Buying is hard. That’s why 40% of deals end in no decision.

We need to guide our buyers, not pitch them.

I think every #productmarketing team can take inspiration from PLG to build a better buying experience.

Here are some things to consider implementing in 2023 👀


🦾 Interactive product demos

Can’t offer a free trial? Worry not.

It’s now easy to build self-guided product tours and embed them on your website.

At Klue, we’re using Navattic to add interactive tours to our product pages, release posts, and sales outreach.

These tools make it easy to capture the underlying code of a page so you can easily make edits and distill your walk-through down to the must-see parts for a buyer to understand your value.

We choose not to gate our tours. Fewer gates = less hoops.


🧮 Interactive calculators and assessment tools

Rock-solid business cases are more critical than ever.

So, make it easy for buyers to quantify the value and impact of your product.

Tools like Calconic are an easy, inexpensive way to create interactive calculators that you can embed on your website or share in your sales outreach.


💼 Business case templates and tools

So important, I mentioned them twice.

Assume in this market that all of your buyers are expected to build and present a business case.

Make it easy by offering a guide.

Slides, content, and tools (some mentioned above) they can use to sell your product internally.


🆚 Comparison pages

You know buyers are going to compare you to alternatives.

Likely before talking to your sales team.

Use competitive comparison pages to make that job easy.

And in the process, position your product, define your differentiators, and point out competitor weaknesses - vs - leaving it to buyers to do on their own.


🌱 Onboarding guides

One important consideration for any buyer is ease-of-implementation.

But also understanding what this change will mean for their company.

They may not have the opportunity to experience that until buying, but you can make it easy for them to picture it.

Enable them with content and resources that illustrate the onboarding process.

Klue’s own Senior Director of Customer Insights, Candice Charleton, shared an example of her team’s Governance Model at our recent Compete Week event.

This is an awesome resource showing buyers what implementing your product will look like within their organization.


Whether you implement the tactics above, or something different, just remember that buying is hard, and we need to make it easier.

So, what have you done in 2022, or plan to do in 2023, to make that happen?