Why your release marketing campaign should start with Messaging

What’s the first domino in release marketing?

My vote 👉 Messaging

We launched a release campaign last week.

And early in the planning process, it felt like things were stuck.

We hadn’t landed on messaging, and as a result:

  • we couldn’t start a press release
  • or a release post
  • or marketing and sales emails
  • or a video script
  • or social copy
  • or ad creative
  • or enable our internal teams

There was little we *could* actually do.

Without a strong message (ie. the story we wanted to tell around this release), our only option was to talk about features and functionality.

“We’re excited to announce x, that allows you to do y”

But once we had our messaging nailed — once we had a story to tell around why we built this feature and why people should care about it.

Then everything else started to come together more easily.

People had the messaging they needed to write a press release, a blog post, emails, social posts, ad copy, and video scripts.

Our creative team understood the concept we were trying to communicate, which made it easier to create compelling graphics and animations.

It clicked for everyone else in our company that we needed to enable. Everyone could better understand the why behind this release and as a result, became more excited about it and willing to spread the word on launch day.

So if you want your release campaign to start moving, focus on nailing your messaging first.

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