Where Release and GTM overlap

Where Release and GTM overlap

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November 1, 2023
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PMMs and PMs both have a process for bringing products to market.

Unfortunately both usually happen separately.

And the handoff looks more like a baton pass, not a collaboration.

The trick is figuring out where both systems can overlap. And if possible, how you can blend them together.

In the image above 👆 I’ve attempted mapping out two processes. The left is the release process, owned by a PM. The right is a launch process, owned by a PMM.

(The release process is based on my understanding of a typical product development and release process. It’s likely imperfect, so I’m open to feedback from my PM friends out there.)

Today, many PMMs come into the picture at the release phase, completely missing the earlier parts of the process.

Getting looped in early enough to have time for research, strategy, and proper enablement is hugely important, especially for higher priority launches. It’s a big shift that can help make your launches more impactful.

But even better than that is getting to a point where both PM and PMM are working together during both processes. Collaborating, sharing insights, and improving each other’s work. It should look like one process vs two that meet and a handoff point.

That’s the difference between tactical and strategic launches.

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