When it makes sense to say YES

When it makes sense to say YES

Published Date
April 11, 2024
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Apr 11, 2024 1:19 PM

As a founding PMM, you get a lot of ad hoc internal requests.

How to say NO is an important skill.

But there are plenty of reasons to say YES.

I was on a call with some founding PMMs yesterday, talking about how to better manage internal requests.

A lot of the call was focused on how to better prioritize, create systems for managing requests, and how to effectively say NO.

But we also talked about the reasons why it sometimes makes sense to say YES to ad hoc requests.

For example:

✅ Building credibility early on in your role

✅ Building important cross-functional relationships

✅ Building social capital across your company

✅ It’s an opportunity to learn something valuable

✅ It’s a nagging problem everyone (including you) feels

✅ It’s an opportunity to impact revenue — ie. close an big deal

Those are just a few reasons, but the important things is knowing why you’re saying yes to something vs just blindly accepting.

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