What we learned from launching our new category narrative

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May 19, 2022
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May 19, 2022 9:32 AM

Creating your own strategic narrative?

Here’s what we've learned building ours at Klue


Btw, I covered this in a webinar with PMA yesterday, sharing our process and learnings so far.

If you want me to send you the slides, type “SEND” in the comments.

Ok, so here are some of the major things we've learned:

1️⃣  Even if you’re not building a new category, everyone needs a strategic narrative.

2️⃣ Involve your founder/CEO early. The goal of your narrative is to get people to feel the same “aha!” moment that your founder(s) did. They’ve been internalizing this narrative for years, tap into that. Plus, they need to fully support the narrative or no one else will.

3️⃣ The company that best frames the problem, has the best chance of winning the category. Winning companies market the problem and the solution.

4️⃣  Uncover your version of “old game → new game” or as they refer to it in the book Play Bigger, your “frotos” — From one way of thinking → To the new way.

5️⃣ Put your narrative draft in front of customers, prospects, influencers, and your executive and get their buy in.

6️⃣ You can’t write a narrative and put it on a shelf. It needs to be weaved into every aspect of your business — who you hire, partners you work with, how you train employees, product development, brand, etc.

7️⃣ Don’t forget to enable the people in your company to fully understand and share a consistent narrative. You need to be evangelizing your narrative within the company consistently and if possible, a certification program can help get everyone on the same page. This is where executive buy-in is crucial.

8️⃣  A big splash marketing campaign is great, but what’s more important is consistently sharing your narrative in the market. It needs to be a consistent drum beat.

We're working on getting a recording of yesterday’s session because there were some great questions at the end. But happy to share my slides in the meantime.

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