What is a product marketing charter?

What’s a #productmarketing charter? Here’s how we did ours at Klue.

I’ll even share it with you. ⬇️ Just reply with "SEND" in the comments.

When I joined Klue, we were looking for a way to define what product marketing was responsible for and where it fits within the organization.

We’d heard a lot of smart #productmarketers talk about department charters, so decided to create one of our own.

It’s been hugely valuable.

For us, the #pmm department charter is a document that contains a few key things:

  • Our mission - our high-level why within the team. How to sum up what our objective is within the organization and what we do.
  • Our team - who’s on the team, and what are we each responsible for (at a high level since there will always be some overlap).
  • Our wheelhouse - this is the meatiest part of the document that we use to define which functions in the business are owned by product marketing. This is where we define the things we drive, our top priorities, vs the things we support.

Once you’ve created your department charter, the next step is presenting it across your organization. DON’T FORGET THIS STEP.

While it’s a helpful document to guide your team, it’s also an important tool for aligning with departments across your company. After all, product marketing is a cross-functional role.

So we kicked off an internal “roadshow” to present the document to leaders and departments across Klue.

That process provided so much clarity and valuable discussions around how we work cross-functionally. It gave us an opportunity to refine the document after each meeting. After the internal roadshow, our charter was way more solid. 💪

Is our charter perfect or all-encompassing of what a by-the-book charter would include? Probably not. But it’s been a great tool for us to better understand our role and communicate that with others.

Interested in creating your own PMM Charter? Just reply in the comments with "SEND" and I’ll shoot you a copy of ours.

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