What I learned from chatting with Salesforce’s CI team

What I learned from chatting with members of the #competitiveintelligence

team at Salesforce. 👇

Had a blast moderating a panel with Dan Hamilton, Emily Childs-Lopez, and Kyra Wonderland this week, talking about how they're building the competitive program at Salesforce.

One of my big takeaways was the importance of getting involved in competitive deals. Even as the VP of CI at Salesforce, Dan is still a big believer in embedding himself in competitive deals.


📈 It’s a clear way to impact revenue

💪 It builds your credibility within the org

💡 It keeps you grounded in what’s actually happening in the field, what buyers are saying, and what resonates.

Elevating the competitive function within your org and becoming a strategic influencer is important, but you start building that credibility with sales.

Moral of the story, plant your pivot foot in sales.

A few other great takeaways from the team:

  • Build a competitive network within your org. Your go-to allies that can help contribute insights and help build your credibility.
  • Look for proactive opportunities to offer deal support vs waiting to be invited.
  • Keep a consistent competitive drumbeat.

A big thanks to SCIP (Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals) for hosting us at their Intellicon Conference and including the Klue team!

And a huge thanks to Dan, Emily, and Kyra! 🙏