What goes into a launch tier

What goes into a launch tier

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October 10, 2023
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Not all launches are created equal.

As the saying goes: “if everything is important then nothing is.”

If you over-sell every launch, you can drown out the important ones. Customers wouldn't be able to keep up. You'd see diminishing returns due to customer fatigue.

Which is why launch tiers exist.

They help you align everyone in your org around a simple framework for prioritizing your launches.

So what does a launch tier framework look like?

Intercom is well known for their take on launch tiers in a popular 2016 article, but I like Mark Assini’s latest evolution that looks at two key factors:


Does this launch have a direct impact on revenue and profit? WIll it help you acquire customers, increase revenue, or reduce operating costs?


Does this launch have a direct impact on the value customers get from your product? Will it increase their ability to drive a desired outcome?

However, those two factors determine your launch tier in an *ideal situation*, where you have thwe required amount of:

⏳ Time

💰 Budget

👥 People

Unfortunately, you don’t always have those things. If not, you either need to adjust internal expectations (change your launch tier) or negotiate additional time and resources.

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