3 ways to make your persona training more effective

How do you run an effective training session around #personas?

Here are 3 things that worked really well in our latest enablement training 👇

📼 Started with examples from previous call recordings

There’s no better way to hear what a particular persona cares about than listening to them say it on an actual call.

This was a great way to kick off each discussion. Simply hit play and listen to them describe their pains and objectives, for real.

✍️ Asked the team to help fill in the blanks

We then pulled up a slide with sections titled: Goals, Challenges, Criteria, and Key Messaging Points.

But we kept the slides empty. We instead opened it up to discussion with the group. “Based on your conversations, what are you hearing from this persona?” "What is resonating?"

I would eventually reveal the points we’d prepared using a simple slide animation, but the point was to get the team discussing first. This also allowed us to walk away with new ideas on how to improve the material.

🎭 Breakouts and role plays

We then split into breakout rooms and had each group put together a short pitch for a specific persona.

When we came back together, we drew a few teams at random and had them run through their pitch live in front of the group.

This generated a ton of great discussion around things that worked well, where the talk-track and messaging could be improved, etc.

Hopefully there’s something in there you can steal to make your next enablement session that much more effective.

If you have something that worked well for you, share it in the comments!

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