Use Slack auto-responders to drive adoption of sales collateral

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May 2, 2022
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#productmarketing friends, I’m sure you’ve heard by now…

Over 60% of your sales collateral goes unused.

Even your best collateral is worthless if reps don’t use it. So you need to constantly remind them.

Slack helps you automate this with its Auto Response feature. 👇

It allows you to listen for specific words in Slack conversations.

You can then auto-respond with tips on where to access helpful collateral and resources.

The best part is that it runs on auto-pilot. 🤖

There is no single solution to driving awareness and adoption.

You need a mix of strategies to keep things top-of-mind for sellers.

But this is a great addition to your toolkit. 🧰

Here’s how to set it up:

1️⃣  Click on [Company Name] in the top left corner of Slack > hover over “Administration” in the dropdown > click “Customize [Company Name]

2️⃣  Select the “Slackbot” tab on the “Customize Your Workspace” page

3️⃣  Click the “Add New Response” button

4️⃣  In the “When someone says” field, enter the word (or words) you want Slackbot to listen for and automatically respond to. For example, if someone includes the word “deck” in their message.

5️⃣  In the “Slackbot response” field, enter your automated response. Something like, “Looking for a deck? Here’s a list of our latest templates.”

I love to use this with:

  • Battlecards - when someone types [competitor name]
  • Collateral - when someone types deck, one-pager, or case study

There’s a quick video tutorial in the comments 👇

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Here’s a quick how-to video 👉. https://share.getcloudapp.com/12ugZPm9