Top 100 PMM Influencers 2023

Top 100 PMM Influencers 2023

Published Date
January 5, 2024
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Jan 5, 2024 2:22 PM

54% of this year’s Top 100 PMM Influencers

Were not there last year 👏

It was around this time two years ago that I decided to start sharing my thoughts and advice around #productmarketing on LinkedIn.

Since then I’ve started my own business, met many amazing PMMs, learned a ton, and hopefully helped some people along the way.

It’s been life-changing.

I always tune into Product Marketing Alliance's annual list of the 💯 Top PMM Influencers.

Some of my favorite follows on LinkedIn have come from this list.

Super talented product marketers that inspire and teach me new things all the time.

If you do anything to further your career this month, take the time to follow some of these amazing PMMs.

And if you take anything from my stat at the top, make it this:

It’s never to late to start sharing what you know and learn with others

If you have an interest in it, just start writing

If you keep at it, you’ll likely end up on a list like this real soon

A big thanks to those who nominated me this year

Congrats to all the other awesome people on this list (especially the 54 new ones!)

And thanks to PMA for highlighting so many incredible PMMA

Get the full report here 👉